Tips For Building Confidence In Your Teen

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Tips For Building Confidence In Your Teen  Troubled Teens

Help improve your teenager’s self-esteem with these simple tips. Low self-worth can be the root cause of further issues down the road such as teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, and broken relationships. When a teenager perceives themselves in a positive manner, they are more likely to live a successful life.

Today teens feel immense pressures from the media, peers, and parental figures to live up to certain expectations. This can make it difficult to maintain a positive outlook on one’s physical appearance, lifestyle, and academic performance.

Simple Tips for Improving Your Teen’s Self-Esteem

Positive Feedback – Encourage your teenager by pointing out any major or minor successes. No one is perfect and you shouldn’t expect your teenager to be great in every subject, sport, or even have certain personality traits. By showing the teenager that you are acknowledging the positive things that they are doing, you are giving them a confidence boost.

Extracurricular Activities – Find a sport or hobby that your teen is good at and make it apart of daily life. By participating in arts, sports, or other activities your teenager will receive positive feedback from a multitude of individuals. More importantly, they will learn how to utilize constructive criticism without feeling extra sensitive.

Be a Role Model – Teach your teenager how to have positive self-worth by holding yourself to the same standard. Avoid negative comments and display encouraging behavior by having confidence in yourself. For example, if your teenager is struggling with their physical appearance because they are overweight, offer to join a fitness class together.

As parents, you have more power over your teenager than you think. By taking little steps with helping your teenager with their self-esteem, you are building their confidence later in life. This will ultimately result in good decision-making skills and increase your teen’s overall self-respect.