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Treatments Of ADHD

Updated on July 20, 2023

Understanding the Available Treatments of ADHD

People and parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may feel overwhelmed by the effects and symptoms of the condition. There is hope with a wider range of treatments now available for ADHD.

Children, adolescents and adults should opt for different regimens depending on their age once properly evaluated and diagnosed. Parents of children with ADHD should learn skills that can complement their child’s treatment, while adolescents would be benefited by psychosocial treatments and adults may want to take advantage of therapies in conjunction with psychoactive medication.

Youth treatments focus on learning strategies for improving concentration, task completion, problem solving and development of social skills. Games that incorporate these strategies are important for children of a younger age so that they will better manage themselves in educational settings and with fellow school companions.

Evidence-Based Treatments of ADHD

These evidence-based treatments can be taught by clinical specialists or those of a similar background. Parents of young children should take action and attend counseling with their youth when appropriate as well as sign up for programs that teach skills needed for implementing and extending the lessons into the home setting.

Parents who are involved with their child’s treatments and encourage play that involves the developmental strategies will be better equipped to handle and help promote well-being within their child.

Older juveniles with ADHD would be benefited by psychosocial treatments such as group therapies in addition to coping mechanisms and learned skills. Group therapy aims to support and raise self-esteem while removing a person’s sense of isolation. Along with learning coping skills that are similar to youth strategies, social support is key for teenagers as they are more internally conscious.

Adolescents do have the advantage of being able to take part in a multitude of more extensive programs that teach similar strategies of younger counterparts. Medication treatment may also be considered for a teenager if advised by a doctor after a full evaluation has been conducted.

Being more mature often doesn’t lessen the need for treatment in adults as they may suffer from symptoms continually. Adults do have the most options available to them. Therapy can be a very personal choice. An adult may prefer individual or group therapy. They also have a choice of stimulant and non-stimulant type of ADHD medication. Adults may opt for a combination of both therapy and psychoactive medication.

With continuing advancements in the medical field the effects and symptoms can be managed and result a calmer more well-adjusted life no matter which stage of life a person is in. Whether you are an adult with ADHD, or have a child with ADHD, a range of treatment options is available now.

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