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Types of Boarding Schools for Girls

Types of Boarding Schools for Girls

In today’s society, teenage girls have numerous external factors that contribute to the success or failure of their academic performance. With advances in technology and an increase in outlets for acting out, girls have easily pushed down the wrong path. The importance of the formative years has led many parents to utilize alternative schooling systems such as college prep, therapeutic, or religious boarding schools. Boarding schools have one major goal; which is to provide the best education in a safe and stable environment.

College Preparatory Schools for Girls

College prep boarding schools, also known as junior boarding schools, are focused on the overall academic achievement of their students. Studies have shown that attending a residential school can increase a student’s overall academic success. This is due to the lack of opportunity of skipping classes, missing assignments, or getting into trouble. In addition, students are often encouraged to participate in a variety of games and activities. This creates a well-rounded lifestyle and provides students with valuable life lessons.

Religious Boarding Schools for Girls

Religious boarding schools are designed to provide an education around a specific theology. The majority of religious-affiliated boarding schools are based around the Christian, Jewish, and Catholic faith. These institutions offer students religious teachings, God-centered activities, and a strict learning environment. This is a great option for parents who hold religion as a high priority in life, or have a daughter who is displaying behavior problems.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Girls

Therapeutic boarding schools provide a stable institution for troubled teens who have displayed dangerous or abnormal behavior tendencies. There are varies reasons why parents send their teenagers to a residential treatment program; including academic failure, sexually acting out, and criminal activity. At a therapeutic boarding school, teenage girls learn how to respect themselves, their parents, and work on the root cause of the behavior issues.

Our guide to choosing the right therapeutic boarding school for troubled girls is a must read if you are considering a boarding school for your daughter. 

When Considering a Boarding School for Troubled Girls

When considering sending your daughter to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled girls, it’s important to recognize all of the options available. This will ensure that you choose the best fit for your family, and specifically your daughter. Single-sex classes have proven to contribute to an overall increase in the academic achievement of students. Also, teenagers learn life lessons and proper behavior throughout the time spent at a boarding school facility. These benefits make it a reliable alternative to the public and private schooling systems.

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