Tests and Assessments

Tests and Assessments

Frequently Asked Questions

The most obvious warning signs are distancing from family, isolating, drop in academic performance, dress and grooming, lack of motivation, new friends, sexual promiscuity, running away, cutting and drug use. 

Christian Therapeutic Program assist youth by focusing on their spiritual needs and not just the behaviors.  Their therapeutic process starts from the insideworking outward toward a rebirth of body and soul. 

One of the common mistakes parents make is that initial counseling, followed by short-term residential treatment is enoughbut in reality, most troubled teens require a longer-term program with continued counseling and ongoing recovery services.  

There are three distinct categories: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.  For troubled teens impulsiveness or the inability to control their impulses often leads to making bad choices and decisions that have negative long-term consequences.  

These programs are designed to provide therapeutic intervention around healing and rehabilitating out-of-control, troubled teenage boys and girls.