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Top 3 Ways To Help Troubled Girls Overcome Emotional Immaturity

dealing with teen

Updated on September 16, 2020

dealing with teen

Help Your Troubled Daughter Grow Emotionally

Immature emotional development can be caused by a number of psychological, environmental and medical factors. With therapy and ongoing family support, an emotionally immature teen can develop coping skills and successfully function at home and school.

Emotional immaturity appears to be a key predictor of a teen’s ability to make suitable peer relationships, get along at home, develop a well-balanced outlook on life, and to reach their academic potential at school.

However, the first step to contending with this issue is being able to identify its signs.

Common Signs of Emotional Immaturity in Teens

  • Quick to anger or blow a fuse
  • Make conversations “all about me”
  • When things go wrong, it is always someone else’s fault
  • Highly sensitive-but only to things done to them, not things they do to others
  • Talk more than listening
  • They often misinterpret social signals and jump to conclusions

3 Ways to Help Troubled Girls Overcome Emotional Immaturity

1. Help your daughter to recognize what stress feels like when she is stressed out is the first step to reducing it. Teach her how being aware of her physical response to stress will help regulate tension when it happens.

2. Help your child Identify her stress response because everyone reacts differently to it. If your child tends to become angry under stress, she will respond best to stress relief activities. If she tends to become depressed or withdrawn, she will respond best to stimulating stress relief. If she tends to freeze, she’ll need activities such as giving a pet affection and attention that provides comfort.

3. Encourage your daughter to discover the stress relieving techniques that work for her. If your child is a visual person she can relieve stress by studying uplifting images. If she responds more to sound, have her listen to music or the sound of a water fountain or a wind chime, etc.

When emotional immaturity is too big of an issue, the comprehensive programs at Trinity Teen Solutions can make a marked difference in a teen’s ability to maturely cope with difficult situations and interact productively with others.

For Girls with Severe Emotional Immaturity Issues

A residential treatment center (RTC) offering clinical-based therapeutic intervention is the best option for a severely troubled girl needing to overcome serious mental health issues, including severe emotional immaturity.

If your main objective is to find a supportive and meaningful environment where a troubled girl can receive therapeutic help for severe emotional immaturity, then your choices are limited to residential treatment. However, there are a few great home-styled RTC’s options.

These quaint family style RTC programs present an atmosphere where the virtues of compassion, honesty, and humility are taught, learned, and practiced on a daily basis. The emotional growth your daughter needs will prepare her for the rest of her life. We can help you to find the perfect RTC setting for your daughter. Call 800-845-1413 and speak with our Admissions Counselors.

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