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Find Residential Treatment Centers for Youth – giving help to parents of troubled teens in Colorado began a leading comprehensive, online source of treatment facilities painstakingly created by a party of skilled and devoted mental health counselors, who have given help to numerous parents and troubled teen boys and girls in Colorado in the past two decades.

Each one of us got our start in the life coaching and remedial supervision industry because our own teen was at-risk. 

Today the gives parents in Colorado with a broad lineup of treatment facilities, including many residential treatment facilities, and outdoor treatment facilities in Colorado, and all across the nation.

Here at, we understand the typical dilemmas that adolescents are being faced with in today’s world. We can provide resources that assist teen boys and girls to get a handle on their educational, social, and/or behavioral related conflicts in ways that are both productive and healthy.

Our recognized practitioners and family consultants are intimately familiar with the prevailing problems adolescents undergo in Colorado; and our family consultants are available to help parents with the placement of their adolescent into the most optimal treatment facility for them.

Our dedication, aspiration, and ambition is to provide help to parents in Colorado with a teen who may be disturbed; and experiencing anxiety, internet or video gaming addiction (porn, social media, YouTube) issues, poor body image, PTSD, conduct disorder, ADHD, ODD, RAD, depression, suicide ideation or another mental health issue that is preventing them from living their best life. 

We are more than a distinguished comprehensive directory of boarding school facilities, the TroubledTeens’ family consultants are devoted to supporting parents from Colorado who are looking for the most suitable therapeutic centers, including therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment facilities and specialized residential treatment centers for youth. Respected authorities and skilled counselors are available; giving hope and restoring change for a struggling teenager.

All of our practitioners and family consultants have experienced the catastrophe of a struggling teen child, and they needed guidance as well. Like all parents, we love our child too… and the good news is, there is a wonderful finale waiting for Colorado families and parents taking part in the critical pressure of a troubled adolescent; and it’s our privilege to give back! is a recognized online resource for parents of troubled teen boys and girls, devoted to supporting parents of troubled teens from Colorado with deciding on the most suitable therapeutic center for struggling teenage boys and girls.

Our distinguished family consultants are standing by to offer guidance to parents looking for remedial supervision for their teen child.

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