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Different Parenting Styles And Their Effects On Children

Updated on October 1, 2020

Studies have shown that there are 4 major parenting styles that most parents fall under. These different styles each have an impact on the development of the child. Here we will examine the different effects that these parenting styles have on the children raised under them.

Authoritarian Parenting Style

The authoritarian parenting style is extremely strict and usually results in children that run into several social issues. The children of authoritarian parents tend to relate obedience with love and have low self-esteem than other children, which can hurt the child as they go into their teen and young adult years. These children also lack the social skills that children raised under some of the other parenting styles have. A child reared under the authoritarian parenting style also generally has difficulties in social situations.

Permissive Parenting Style

While permissive style parents are usually very nurturing and caring towards their children, this parenting style usually leads to discipline issues with the child down the road. Children raised by permissive style parents lack self-discipline and are usually extremely demanding or “spoiled”. Sometimes this style can also lead to the child having poor social skills because of their self-involved and demanding nature. The lack of boundaries and guidelines may also lead to insecurities in the child in their teen years.

Neglectful Parenting Style

The neglectful parenting style is a style that is characterized by a lack of involvement in their children’s lives. Because of this, children tend to be emotionally withdrawn, fear depending on other people and are more likely to misbehave. Without limits, these children are free to engage in all sorts of undesirable activities that can lead to danger and troubles down the road.

Authoritative Parenting Style

The authoritative parenting style, or the democratic parenting style, is an approach that is viewed as the preferable parenting style. Children who come from parents who have the authoritative parenting style tend to be happier than other children. The way the parents place limits while still expressing warmth and nurturance, these children develop proper social skills and are more well balanced.

While not every parent will fit in just one of these categories, most parents will fit into two or more of these categories. With the mixture of each parent’s specific parenting style, it is best to find the combination that works best not only for you and your child but your spouse as well.

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