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Parents And Teen Discipline And Punishment

Updated on October 1, 2020

How Should Parents Punish My Teen?

Implementing the proper punishment for a teen’s wrongdoing is a very challenging task for parents. Toting the line between applying the correct discipline and not infuriating your child to the point that they tune you out is difficult for all parents.

As teenagers try to form their own identity, they may rebel and experiment with new things that could be harmful to their long-term future. Enforcing rules with clear consequences is a vital part of parenting and is essential to keeping your teen on the right track.

One successful way of reprimanding your teen is basing the punishment to fit the crime. For example, if your teen doesn’t finish their homework assignments, have them miss a fun event to complete their work. Additionally, it often helps to talk about the punishment with your teen. You may find that talking things over, without being accusatory or assuming, can help solve the issue better than yelling and screaming would. Showing your teen some respect and listening to their concerns can help get your message across. Here are some other suggestions as to how you can discipline your teen:

Revoking Privileges – A prevalent reprimand used by parents, revoking things your teen loves can be a great way of getting their attention. In the technological age that we live in, taking away your teen’s access to the internet, television, cell phone, iPod, gaming system or other device is a great way to make your teen think twice about breaking the rules.

Additional Chores – Assigning additional chores to your teen can help your child’s work ethic and consume some of their free time, which may otherwise be spent with unwanted influences. Giving your teen additional responsibility could also give them a feeling of purpose and worth within the household.

Using Restitution – Having your teen make amends could teach them why the rule was made, why should respect the rule and how breaking the rule negatively affects others.

Natural Consequences of Action – Sometimes, the best thing that a parent can do for their children is making them “learn the hard way.” Letting teens see first-hand that actions have natural consequences can quickly teach them about accountability. Making excuses for our children and constantly bailing them out will not teach them very much.

When punishing your teen, be sure to stay consistent and explain why you are upset about the broken rule. Even if your influence may seem like it is waning in your teen’s life, your words, actions and decisions still have a profound impact on their lives.

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