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Teenagers And The Growing World Of Social Media

Updated on October 2, 2020

Is There a Hidden Danger in Social Media for Teens

One of the fastest growing technologies in today’s day is the advancement of social media in our day to day lives. This powerful tool of communication allows us to keep up with news and find out about the lives of friends and families instantly.

With the growing use of smartphone devices like the iPhone and social media platforms such as Facebook millions of teens now have access to a world of interaction at their fingertips. With this instant social media society, there are some dangers to be aware of for your teenage son or daughter.

What is Social Media?

If you don’t yet know, social media refers to a large number of websites and programs that exist that are driven by user-created content. In other words, the users are the ones that make the system work. Perhaps the largest social media platform that exists today is Facebook. This program allows users to create profiles online and instantly update information about their lives and share it with friends.

What are the Potential Dangers of Social Media for Teens?

The biggest trap of social media is the potentially negative impact it can have on a teens self-esteem and social development. The ability to engage in cyberbullying techniques from afar can create an atmosphere of vitriol behavior among groups of teens. Given the nature of social media communication, it can be easy for individuals to feel faceless when criticizing others – breeding a platform for offensive and potentially damaging emotional behavior.

Social media addiction is another major concern for parents regarding their teenagers in the modern tech communication age. Be sure to know how your teenage boys or girls are using social platforms. Try and monitor the amount of time that your children are using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Sleep deprivation can be another symptom of social media addiction and online use.

As in any case with new technologies and raising teens in today’s world, be sure to talk to your kids about their life and day to day activity. It is important as a parent to understand all of the types of modern communication outlets that exist. By knowing how these social outlets work you can better understand how your teens can use them in a positive way and avoid the dangers and pitfalls of addiction that social media can carry with it.

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