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How To Avoid Teen Pregnancy

Updated on October 2, 2020

Message to Teens, “Unplanned Teen Pregnancy.”

Few things can disrupt a teen’s future more than an unplanned pregnancy. All actions have consequences and having unprotected sex could lead to an unexpected pregnancy. A teenage pregnancy will affect your schooling, family life, social life and could impede your future plans and goals.

The only sure way to avoid an unplanned pregnancy is by abstaining from sex. If you do choose to be sexually active, the best way of avoiding a teen pregnancy is by using precautions such as condoms and birth control.

If you think there is a chance that you could be pregnant, it is important that you tell someone responsible, even if you are fearful of feeling shamed or judged. It is important that you act immediately, as living in denial about the pregnancy could be detrimental to your health and your baby’s health.

If You Think You Are Pregnant

The first thing you should do is verify that you are in fact pregnant. Educate yourself on the signs that could indicate a pregnancy. If you are experiencing the warning signs, talk to a trusted adult and figure out how you can get to a medical center to validate your pregnancy and receive the medical attention and advice you need.

After you are sure you are pregnant, it is imperative that you take the time to carefully think about what you want to do next. The quick fix that most teenagers often think of first is an abortion. Before you decide to go this route, be sure you consider all of the consequences that an abortion could have.

It may leave lingering feelings and emotions for a long time along with the physical toll it takes on your body. Be sure to discuss the issues associated with an abortion with a doctor, school counselor or therapist before making any rash decisions.

Teen Pregnancy Options

The second option you have is keeping the baby. There is a great deal of responsibility that comes with being a parent. In addition to the lifetime of love and attention needed to care for your child, you will also need to be prepared for the financial costs of having a child.

Diapers, food, clothing, car seats and medical bills get very expensive. Additionally, it is important to think about what the father’s role will be. You need to figure out if he plans to assist you in raising the child and what your future plans could entail. Being pregnant is a very serious thing, so please keep in mind that it is best to discuss these options with parents, guardians and counselors.

Putting your baby up for adoption is your third option. Ask questions and educate yourself on what the laws in your state say about adoptions. Also, decide how involved you would want to be in choosing the family who will raise your child. Explore all of the options that are presented to you with a parent, counselor or an adoption professional.

The best thing you can do for your mental and physical health is to not ignore your pregnancy. It will be very difficult to share the news, but you want to act quickly and receive the medical attention you will need. Explore all of your options and discuss your potential choices with loved ones and counselors before deciding on what to do.

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