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Synthetic Drugs And Your Teen

Updated on October 1, 2020

What is a Synthetic Drug?

When looking for drugs, today’s teenagers no longer need to go to the shady guy in the alley or their friend at school who is known to dabble in all things illegal. “Legal” drugs such as K2, Pump-It Powder, Spice and more are available perhaps even at your corner store.

The most common synthetic drug in the news today is bath salts. They can be given names such as “Blue Wave” “Cloud Nine” and “White Lady”, and they’re known to trigger full-blown psychotic episodes with massive delusions and hallucinations. There are several examples of using bath salts gone wrong, from a couple calling the police because there were 90 people living in the walls of their apartment, to a 21-year-old man slitting his own throat in front of his parents because aliens were after him. These synthetic compounds are not to be messed with.

Another common synthetic drug that is sweeping across the nation is synthetic cocaine. They may be produced under names such as “Pump-It Powder”, “Charge” or other names, but they are all synthetic cocaine and are all dangerous. These mostly come in a powder form, where it can easily be snorted, smoked or injected. While it is known as a substitute for cocaine, in reality, it’s closer to methamphetamine in its chemical makeup and is highly addictive and dangerous not only for teens but for anyone.

K2 or Spice is known as a synthetic form of marijuana. While it may look and smell like marijuana, its effects can be crippling. These are mostly comprised of some plant matter which is sprayed with designer synthetic cannabinoid compounds. Common names for these types of “legal bud” are K2, Blaze, and Yucatan Fire, and have been found to be even more dangerous than actual marijuana.

The best way to curb teen drug use and abuse is to talk with your teenager. By communicating the very real dangers of these synthetic drugs, you could end up saving your teens life. Each of these drugs presents a very real danger even though they are specifically made to dance around the law, and there is no such thing as a “safe” high.

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