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The Hidden Signs Of Teen Addiction

Updated on October 1, 2020

Helping Young Women Confront Addiction And Substance Abuse

One of the challenges for parents as it pertains to confronting addiction with their teen girls is that behaviors that are commonly associated with addiction are not always lucidly clear or easily detectable. It is not uncommon for a teen to be suffering from an addiction that they are able to hide from plain sight. This is why it is paramount for every parent to make themselves aware of the common signs associated with addiction so that they will be able to get their daughter the assistance that is necessary to help avoid the most severe consequences of addiction.

How Addictions Are Developed

Regardless of the type of addiction, drugs, alcohol or even electronic devices, the pattern of addiction generally follows the same course. Whatever the vice may be, it will create a chemical reaction in the brain of the person, subsequently producing a pleasurable sensation that drives the person to continue to seek the same experience by repeating the same action. Unfortunately, the chemical reaction alters the natural chemistry of the brain, creating a new norm, subsequently resulting in the brain demanding this new norm. When the risky activity is avoided, the body responds with cravings that become more intense and painful as time passes.

Warning Signs

Some signs that are common with addiction are also associated with certain types of mental disorders, including depression and anxiety, making it difficult to read. Additionally, it is possible that a teen will not be forthcoming about these symptoms if they are attempting to hide their addiction. However, there are certain signs that are more obvious than others, such as a change in behavior, falling grades, social disengagement, and more.

Some Other Signs Include:

Personal appearance: A lack of concern for personal hygiene and personal appearance is a common sign of addiction.

Hidden items: People who have become addicted to a chemical or substance will take great measures to hide their drugs and any sign of them using the drug.

Money issues: Teens who are having inexplicable money issues, and tend to borrow money on a regular basis could be suffering from an addiction.

Poor performance in school: For multitudinous reasons, a teen that is addicted will likely suffer in their academic performance.
A loss of interest: Teens who have historically been involved in a lot of activities, may lose interest in these activities if they become addicted.

The Residential Treatment Center Solution

The top Residential Treatment Centers use a diversified approach to treat addiction in teens. Because addictive behaviors can be complex and offer programs that are designed to deal with a variety of behaviors associated with addiction, including eating disorders, self-harm, technology addictions, unhealthy relationships and substance abuse. To learn how our recommended programs are equipped to help your girl face her addiction, call us today at 844-207-8307.

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