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Every child deserves the opportunity to fulfill their potential

Has your teenager drastically changed his/her behavior recently?

Does your child suffer from ADHD, ADD, ODD, RAD, Hyperactivity, Learning Disabilities or Emotional Abuse?

Is he or she acting out, showing a lack of respect, disruptive behavior, talking back, sneaking out or ditching school?

We can help! Here you will find helpful articles written by experts, service directories and other resources to help you, help your troubled teen.

Do you suspect your teenager is using drugs or abusing alcohol?

Is your teen suffering from severe anxiety or depression?

Does your teen suffer from PTSD, or is he or she talking about suicide? or you are afraid that he or she may hurt themselves?

If you answered YES to any of these questions your child is in need of a therapeutic residential treatment program.

How Worried Should You Be About Your Troubled Teen?

You know, that little voice inside telling you something’s not quite right? It’s alright. You are not alone. Parenting a troubled teenager is challenging and exhausting. The good news is that it’s never too late to take steps to make it better.  First, evaluate the severity of the issues, and the teen warning signs – and remember, trust your instincts!

Some cases may require simply fine-tuning your parenting techniques, while others might need a more robust plan.



Our Troubled Teen Test is here to help you strategize and take the right course of action. We have a whole world of support, from counseling and therapy to various academic and therapeutic programs.

Keep in mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel. So take a deep breath and explore the options to help your teenager flourish. Remember, you’ve got this! has been helping parents of troubled teenagers for nearly a decade – in this time. We’ve helped thousands of parents. Our years of experience can help you find the right help for your teen, from counseling to troubled teenage schools and residential treatment centers.

What's your Parenting IQ?

Parenting can be incredibly daunting. There's so much to learn, so many mistakes to make, and often we end up asking ourselves:

"What am I doing right?"

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Is my kid a High Risk teen?

Feeling concerned about your teenager is a natural part of being a parent. Knowing the warning signs is the first step to getting them the right help.

Get the answers you seek!

Determine their Risk Level!

Feeling concerned about your teenager is a natural part of being a parent. Knowing the warning signs is the first step to getting them the right help.

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Guiding Troubled Teens Through Life's Challenges

In approaching the challenge of parenting a difficult teenager, it’s important to be proactive.  Be informed, but not obsessive, about your teen’s social and academic life, and use our guides and checklists for warning signs for teen depression, suicide, drug use, and other behavioral problems as a blueprint to guide your parenting strategies.

With the right information on your side, you may be able to nip some of the most difficult teen problems in the bud and prevent your teen from ever veering off the right track. also provides information on a wide array of treatment options for struggling teenagers, including wilderness camps, residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools.

Sometimes, removing a troublesome teen from your home can spare other family members the stress and strife of frequent disruptions. With the right information and intervention, even the most difficult teenager can be transformed into a stable, happy, successful adult.

Guides and Tips for Parents of Troubled Teens

Resources Checklist

Specific, guided conversation prompts that will help you have a meaningful talk with your teen

Research-based information to help you understand the root cause of your teen's difficulties

Objective questions that will encourage your teen to give truthful answers

Ideas for roleplaying scenarios to help your teen work through a potentially difficult social situation before it's too late

Tips for being an active and receptive listener

Advice on how to maintain or regain control of your teen

Out of home placement therapeutic treatment solutions for reaching even the most troubled teens

Every child deserves the opportunity to fulfill their potential…

Academic-based Therapeutic Treatment
Programs for Adolescents

Did you know that therapeutic boarding schools provide individual academic attention with a good balance between scholastic achievement and clinical treatment? In a therapeutic boarding school, troubled teens are provided with a positive environment where they receive needed therapy and all the opportunities to improve academically.

These therapeutic boarding schools focus on helping these students identify the root cause of their behavioral challenges and issues.  Fostering intellectual growth, self-discipline, promoting learning, and helping teens to develop new emotional skills for a well-rounded adolescent experience.

The difference is that in these schools, students receive one-on-one academic counseling, vocational and life-skills training, individual and family counseling, as well as regular recreation time.  The result is that, unlike students in your community, these children end up gaining valuable insights and developing meaningful connections for a bright and balanced future. 

The individualized counseling and mentoring programs offered at these residential schools are designed to help adolescents understand the trauma and challenges causing them distress.  Leveraging cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma-informed care, play therapy, and talk therapy, as well as individualized support and guidance these kids thrive.  Additionally, these schools offer opportunities to participate in community events, special sporting competitions, outdoor experiences, and educational trips.

This holistic approach helps the students address the physical, mental, and emotional components of their struggles. Encourages them to explore their unique gifts and talents. Maximize their academic and personal potential. Over time, these intensive programs for troubled teens make it possible for these kids to transition to becoming independent and productive members of society.

More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease - CONFIRMED!

Latest Articles from The Teen Whisperer

Is your child addicted to drugs or alcohol?

We also offer youth treatment centers that solely focus on drug and alcohol recovery, including many that offer home placement programs with a one-year minimum stay. Many of the top drug treatment centers offer drug screening, outpatient services, long-term therapeutic residential treatment, college and career prep workshops, and much more.

Our therapeutic treatment programs are equipped with licensed medical doctors, master-level therapists, and accredited teachers.

Whether you need help for a teenage boy or girl, or are seeking a behavioral or emotional boarding school or wilderness program, we at can help you find the best therapeutic treatment program solution for your precious child. 


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Featured Residential Treatment Center Program Review

When a parent is in the situation where they are evaluating residential treatment centers for troubled teens it feels like the world is coming to an end - the trauma and stress is indescribable and words do not adequately capture the emotional pain associated with the turmoil and chaos of a struggling teenager. Most undoubtedly, choosing a treatment program for your child is one of the most difficult events a parent will undertake.

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