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How to Deal With a Lying Teenager

Updated on October 2, 2020

Dealing with a teen that consistently lies can be both frustrating and stressful for parents. While its common for teens to tell white lies to their parents; it’s still unacceptable behavior.

Teens will fabricate the truth in order to avoid consequences and punishment for their actions. However, teenagers don’t realize how their dishonesty can lead to a rocky relationship with parents, due to a lack of trust.

What can start out as a small fib can lead to an embellished story before the teen realizes that it’s gotten out of a control. There are varies situations where teenagers are prone to lying to their parents and guardians.

Common Reasons for Teens to Lie

  • Lying about completing a homework assignment or studying for an exam
  • Denying that something found in their possession is theirs
  • Fabricating stories to peers to make themselves more powerful or popular
  • Manipulating the truth such as who they are hanging out with and their whereabouts

These are just a few examples of commons reasons why teens feel the need to lie to their parents. So how do you deal with a lying teenager? Dependent on the frequency of lies, there are both simple and drastic solutions to help your teen stop lying.

How to Deal with a Teenager who is Starting to Frequently Lie

If you’ve noticed that this is a new trend in your teenager’s behavior, sit down with them and have an open discussion. Explain that you are hurt and disappointed when they lie to you, and that they are ultimately hurting your relationship. It’s key to make your teen feel comfortable telling you the truth about situations and realize the consequences of dishonesty.

How to Deal with a Teenager who Displays Compulsive Lying Behavior

If the lying behavior continues despite punishments, discussions, and monitoring your teen; seeking professional help may be necessary. Therapeutic boarding schools such as Turning Winds work with teens that exhibit compulsive lying behavior and help find the root cause of the issue.

The end result is a teen that understands the many consequences lying; along with the further issues that they were creating by excessively lying to their parents and guardians.

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