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Common Teen Issues


Updated on October 1, 2020

Common Issues of Troubled Teens

Growing up is hard to do in today’s society, which leads to those right in the middle of the process to have some awkward growing pains. Today’s teenagers struggle with motivation, moodiness, illegal drinking, school performance and just being a handful for their parents to maintain.

Motivation is a tough thing to maintain these days as a teenager, with so many distractions that could get in the way. Teenagers can fall into a stereotypical rut of playing video games, watching television and not doing much else besides school work. Parents in today’s age must keep their kids focused on the end goal of independence, which comes at the long road of education.

Teens are often depicted as incredibly moody, being very content one minute and then flipping to irritable in the blink of an eye. Many have thought that the issue of teen moodiness is biological, that something is occurring in the body that creates this emotional disconnect. Parents can’t overlook the traditional stressors in a young adult’s life, which includes school, social life, dating and finding their place in life.

Some teens are just out of control, engaging in actions like under-age drinking, drugs, and sex. It is tough at times to be able to differentiate between typical teen behavior and destructive behavior. Parents must be able to notice when typical teen behavior crosses the line into destructive behavior so that they can help guide their child to the road to recovery.

Your teenager shouldn’t be drinking for any reason. Consistent underage drinking can lead to long-term future impairment, not to mention a litany of other medical issues that will halt you from reaching your full potential. Children must learn that alcohol is to be consumed in a safe quantity, in a responsible manner, when the time is right.

As parents, it is ever so important to monitor your child’s academic progress to ensure proper progression of your offspring. It is absolutely normal for your child to struggle at times during their academic career, but there are times when the struggling is a cause of an underlying issue. Parents should be encouraging their children in school while setting clear goals and expectations for them to pursue. Education for a child should be a team effort and not a solo act.

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