Girls Boarding Schools And College Prep Programs For Girls

The foundation that boarding schools have been built upon has come from the premise of sending girls away to school so that they can further their education. Unlike typical public and private schools, girls who attend a boarding facility are taught discipline, independence, and proper social skills. All Girls Boarding Schools with a college prep focus can give girls the chance to experience a college like structure before attending a university.

There is no set routine or schedule for a college preparatory boarding school. Each facility has their own programs, rules, and restrictions for girl students. Full-time boarding schools students stay at the dormitories on both weekdays and weekends throughout the school year. Some facilities allow for day students, who return home when a class is not in session. Boarding aspects are dependent on the individual boarding school and can be discussed during the application process.

Girls Boarding Schools And College Prep Programs For Girls Troubled Teens

In addition to a strong emphasis on academics, all-girl college prep boarding schools often offer sports, clubs, and excursions for the students. While many believe that boarding schools offer no excitement or freedom for students, they are often surprised to learn about the variety of activities available. This allows them to gain valuable social skills, and participation is often required by the facility.

While the cons of all-girl college preparatory boarding schools are the expenses and time spent away from home, there are opportunities for financial aid and weekends spent with families. The pros of these facilities often include small classes, a stable learning environment, and confidence when entering a university after high school. This is often the right fit for students who need structure and encouragement in order to stay academically motivated.

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